Welcome WCBN listeners

It was a lot of fun joining T Hetzel for “Living Writers” this afternoon and paying brief tribute to Mr. Rib. I’ll update this post with a link to the recording when it hits the podcast channels.

If this is your first visit, I hope you like the previous posts, and I hope to be back to posting more regularly soon (though doesn’t everyone say that)? Until then, here’s a current retail photo from Arborland’s very parking lot just about three hours ago‚Ķ

Patti and I will appear at the Ypsi Book Fest on July 6 to talk about the book, and at the AADL Downtown branch on Thursday, July 25, to talk about the book some more. I will try not to repeat my anecdotes too often. For example, I will probably talk about DeLong’s next time instead of Mr. Rib.

The book has apparently SOLD OUT its first printing already?!?! No, I don’t know how many copies were printed, I admit it’s a pretty niche book, albeit a well-written and illustrated example of the sub-sub-genre. It is currently available for back-order from Amazon . If you don’t want to wait for a paper copy, you can download it immediately on Kindle (or to the Kindle app on your phone or tablet). Also, all the new-book-stores in Ann Arbor have ordered copies and will hopefully have them soon – and we’ll also have them to offer at the above events. Thanks!