Dead-Drop Gorgeous

Here’s the first Amazon Locker I have observed in Ann Arbor. It’s outside the Speedway fuel station/convenience store at North Maple Road and Miller Avenue, near Skyline High.

Amazon Locker at Maple-Miller Speedway. (C)A2R.S

You can specify this Locker, one of many throughout the world, as your ship-to location instead of your home or office; when your order is delivered you receive a code via text that lets you open a door and retrieve the shipment at your convenience.

If this sounds familiar to you as an Ann Arbor resident, it’s because you are a patron of the Pittsfield or Malletts Creek branches of AADL, who have offered this service for hold requests for years.

This is Speedway’s latest foray into self-service colocation at one of their always-open stores;; in the twilight of Blockbuster Video a few years back, they placed a Blockbuster Express — essentially a Redbox, but blue — just inside their State and Ellsworth location, near the front door and the ATM. Unlike that kiosk, this Amazon Locker is located outside the building. Its touch screen was not yet operational today, but the protective plastic bubble over its security camera has already been shattered.

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  1. Interesting. The reason you would use this as apposed to your own address are…. wanting to keep the shipment a surprise :)/secret cause it is bad 🙁 or home deliveries getting stolen 🙁 or not having a home address :(.. my pessimistic brain needs a good reason that people would use this.. and it has not thought of it.. for the love of god man give me something good!

    1. No, I think you named all the top reasons. I feel like there may eventually be either a price or time advantage to lockers like this instead of your home address, especially once the Livonia distribution center opens.

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