Keeping out the riff-raff

I know, I was pretty quiet last weekend. Not a holiday, but I spent a lot of time driving. Sorry about the lack of posts.

Remember those desperate tweets from Radio Shack we noticed at the end of May, encouraging you to buy anything and everything? Turns out they closed all of their corporate-owned stores in Michigan and most of the Midwest. They instantly contracted from 1200 stores, to about 70 stores in Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. I guess I have that joy of discovery to look forward to when I travel now. (“OMG A RADIO SHACK, gotta go in and… I don’t know… get a pack of batteries… can I put those in a carry-on bag?”) I suppose I should go visit the franchised Radio Shack store in Saline soon just to satisfy my curiosity.

While driving around last weekend, I noticed several signs for a “FREE” GARAGE SALE near my neighborhood:

I’m still scratching my head about this one. Does this mean the stuff at the garage sale was free, like walk up and carry it away? Possible, but not likely. Who DOES that? My hypothesis is that “FREE” meant free admission. I mean, I like our neighborhood, but it’s not fancy enough to charge cover for a garage sale. Going to pre-answer a couple of questions I know you have, here:

  • Why didn’t I drive over there and ask them? I gave it some thought, but I was always either taking someone someplace or bringing someone home. I am a Results Oriented Team Player with a lot of irons in the fire. 
  • Why didn’t I ask on Nextdoor? That would start to look too much like Journalism.

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