A2R.S Fidget Spinner Price Index

The Fidget Spinner craze: fleeting or here to stay? I don’t get how a spinny shiny thing helps you concentrate on anything else, but you know what? I don’t, a hundred percent, get Li’l Yachty, either. I am not as highly-prized a target market anymore. I got over it, because I’m a white guy in a place with running water and cheap gasoline and, suddenly, no goals to reduce carbon emissions anymore. Bootstraps!

Anyway, as I (or you) notice Fidget Spinners for sale in the area, I’ll note prices here.

Target, Oak Valley Drive: $3

CVS Fidget Spinner display, courtesy @hammbh
CVS, State Street (downtown, btw. Washington and Liberty) – $7.99 (thanks, reader @hammbh)

Pilot Travel Center, Baker Road (north of I-94) -Virtually highway robbery at a whopping $12.99. Taking advantage of the harried traveler-with-kids.

7-Eleven, Main St. – $7.99, or $11.99 for a light-up one

TCBY, Washtenaw Ave – $8.99

Five Below – $5 or less, assuming they are in stock (they were out last I checked)

Rural King, M-59 and US-23, Hartland – $6.99 (cheapest, but also, not really Ann Arbor)

screenshot of wish.com fidget spinner listings with prices before shipping. (C)wish.com, I guess
Wish.com – $2-5 shipped (Totally not local. Shipped on the slow boat across the Pacific. The craze will be over by the time they get here. But come on, two dollars?)

Please hit me up, @britain on Twitter, or leave a comment below, if you have further details about local merchants selling fidget spinners.  Or message me on Facebook. There aren’t that many Britains, I bet you can work it out.

Together we can all save some money, or help someone else save some money, which is almost the same thing.

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