Radio Shack Facebook Frenzy

Okay, so this isn’t strictly relevant, because there are no more Radio Shack stores in the city limits. (The last one’s lease, at Maple Village, was not renewed by the owners of the center. Either they had something else in mind or they saw the writing on the wall.)

But right now THE SHACK’S social media team is in overdrive, posting about a dozen posts a day on their wall. Many of them for remaining merchandise, now UP TO 90% OFF a high price in the grand tradition of chain store bankruptcies:

But also hyping leftover fixtures and supplies:

Radio Shack’s bankruptcy FAQ from March states that about 180 of their 1200 stores are closing, with options for more in the future. I have a feeling it’s way more than 180 with posts like these.

The only corporate-owned store left in the area is in Ypsilanti next to Walmart. It is affirmatively flagged as a “✅ Grab-Bag Store” on the locator:

Screenshot, Radio Shack store locator, May 2017;

What’s a Grab-Bag store? An answer arrived later today:

Ypsi is the only store flagged as a “Grab-Bag Store” within 25 miles from A2, so I presume that means other corporate-owned locations like Canton and Novi will carry on? (UPDATE: Nope, they’re all gone.)

I think this would be a nice place to note that Saline’s location is franchised by Alpha Wireless, who carry Radio Shack products in several of their area stores and are NOT going out of business.

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  1. Oh my god. This is the weirdest thing ever. I actually saw this and assumed at first that it was a fake account, a spoof. It seems it isn’t. I’ve never seen a chain so boundlessly advertise their demise. (Possibly because it’s usually the liquidator that does this kind of thing, not the original chain.) It’s just strange. Doesn’t this kill their entire image? I mean, they had better really expecting them all to close in which case it doesn’t matter. Because it’s bad PR. “Grab bag store”?!

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