Saline Road changes

The new restaurant going in the Meijer outlot is Buddy’s Pizza, a Detroit institution but new to our neighborhood. Square crust. Probably grownup drinks, call it a hunch. I think they put sesame seeds on their crust, so if you get the hankering for square pizza but hate seeds (or your kids hate seeds), Jet’s Pizza is still across Saline Road.

The McDonald’s on Lohr Road recently reopened from a renovation. LOTS of details at Ann Arbor with Kids, including photos of the Playplace and details on daily specials through June 30.

Fountain Etiquette sign, McDonald’s, Lohr Rd. (C) Manchurian Global d/b/a Yelp

When I lived near here a few years ago, I used to drive, like, three times further than the distance to this McDonald’s to visit the State Street location. Every order here took forever, and was never right, and the crew usually seemed miserable. According to Ann Arbor with Kids, it changed ownership in 2015, so maybe I need to give this one another try when I’m around there and I didn’t just eat Buddy’s.

Finally, the lot in Oak Valley Center right by the intersection of Waters, Lohr, and Saline roads is currently all tore up. It looks like something is being built there. Another restaurant? What food concept does this side of town need? Chik-Fil-A?

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  1. I’m really excited for Buddy’s. It will be great to have one close by.

    Yeah, Oak Valley Center is finally having its berms out by the road taken out. Apparently there are going to be outlot buildings but I don’t know what.

    I know this area well as I am currently a retail slave here.

    1. I guess Meijer started a thing when they developed the berms by Saline Road. At least one of them wound up being Panchero’s and I introduced my family to the magic of fresh-pressed tortillas

      1. Oh, really? I never really noticed… I assume those are entirely gone now that the whole strip of outlot buildings has been developed? The ones in front of Oak Valley Center were the really obvious ones. With those strange entrances that are almost like freeway onramps. A bit overengineered.

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