I ❤ LIQUOR now open on Packard

Exterior, I ❤ LIQUOR. Provided to A2R.S by @PeteDRW.

The longtime party store near Packard and Fernwood recently rebranded. LIQUOR now joins “NY,” “Huckabees,” “Radio,” and “U” as a thing I ❤. Nice backlighting on the building sign.
For years this store was known as Chiparu’s:

My friends in the neighborhood always pronounced it “Cheap-a-Roo’s.” Perfect if you need some booze but are broke-a-roo.

No, I said “broke-a-roo,” not “Polkaroo.”

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  1. There’s a lot going on in that video. And yes, I grew up watching Polka Dot Door, but those were STATE OF THE ART graphics for a kids’ program in 1986. Also, I feel like the woman here is classically trained. Like she should be singing opera instead of on a children’s show.

    That Polkaroo costume must have been unwieldy.

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