Argiero’s has closed

40-year Kerrytown fixture Argiero’s (from 2007, below) closed yesterday.

They were good. Our most recent trip was a Sunday evening last summer after doing yard and garden work at our kids’ school nearby. I liked knowing they were there and I hope the Argiero family is fine.

I have a vague memory that the house behind Argiero’s, that faces Fifth St. and Catherine, was additional dining space for them for a while. It presently houses Jessica’s Apothecary. MLive comment section wags already have the space pegged for a Flatiron type building, but you would have to get Jessica’s and DeLong’s, I MEAN Tesuya, to move.

UPDATE: It’s a new restaurant from the Lunch Room folks!

Slated to open late summer as “Detroit Street Filling Station,” which harkens back to a time when it was a Staebler Oil filling station. I don’t have pictures of the corner back then, but click below to see a bunch of their HQ a few blocks away at Main and Depot:

Showroom at Staebler-Kempf Oil Co, July 1946. (C) The Ann Arbor News.

If you think your gas station sells a few too many peripheral items, you should see the showroom here. They have vacuum cleaners and a refrigerator and a dang rubber raft. I mean we all know there’s little-to-no profit margin on the actual gasoline, right? But a rubber raft? Decades before the Argo Cascades? Mission creep.

Anyway, Lunch Room is a great lunch spot even if you love meat, like I do. I particularly recommend the chili and the Pad Thai.

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