Bank of America Packard/Eisenhower is closed.

I noticed last weekend that the Bank of America branch at the Packard/Eisenhower flatiron is permanently closed. Signage down, paper signs in windows.

The branch has been there for years. I believe it was a LaSalle before Bank of America, then Standard Federal, and a Michigan National Bank waaay back. Lately, it seemed to be a frequent robbery target.

If you click that Google Maps image up top (in a desktop browser), you can go back to 2007 and see it as a LaSalle Bank branch if you like. I couldn’t find any photos older than that, but check out this Michigan National Bank branch from a black-and-white 1979:

(Michigan National Bank, 1979 - rights held by AADL, CC: BY-NC-SA)
(Image: Ann Arbor District Library)

Sure, I’d totally trust a little house on State Street with my filthy riches.


2 Replies to “Bank of America Packard/Eisenhower is closed.”

  1. Wait. Am I missing something? How, exactly, can I click on the Google Map and see a 2007 photo? Or has it been removed? I can’t figure it out. Is it because I’m reading this on my phone on a non-mobile formatted website? Am I going to break your blog?!

    1. I guess the earlier-photos feature only works on desktop browsers! I wrote the post in Vivaldi on a Mac and cannot get the 2007 Street View on my iPhone. I have updated the post.

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