Ulrich’s is moving

Spotted today on South University: fixture since time immemorial, Ulrich’s bookstore is moving, according to all of their windows. A web address is listed for more information but it was raining and I don’t remember what it was. (UPDATE: it’s “ulrichs.com/email” and it just goes to the parent company’s website.)

The store announcements section of the website says NOW HIRING, but the last time I saw a store “moving” with a website, it was Blockbuster Video, saying they were “moving to Blockbuster.com.” Hopefully Ulrich’s maintains a local presence? Are we still rooting for college textbook stores these days? More news as I make it up.

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  1. Oh, wow, that’s big. Nebraska Book Company has seemingly been in trouble forever, but my hunch is that this has more to do with the new development on South U. I thought it was that whole block, essentially, that’s been bought up to be overhauled. I’m just letting the rumors fly, though.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I noticed Ulrichs.com links direct to Follett’s site (Follett manages EMU’s bookstore in their Student Center too).

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